Welcome to the Coltrane Home Website !!

Hello Everyone !!

Thanks for visiting our new website for the Coltrane Home in Dix Hills, NY !!  We have updated the original website which you may know from www.dixhills.com.  That website was created at the start of our grass roots efforts to save the Coltrane home from demolition in 2004.  This website was very useful in helping us save the home but we have decided to “bring it up to date” and focus on making it more interactive, through our blog, with posts on the latest news, information, educational programs and how we can use your help.

As you know, the home was saved from demolition but we still have a long way to go to restore it and open it to the public.  Stay tuned for more information and details …   Steve


  1. Did John Coltrane ever play a bad solo? Did it ever sound like Coltrane was lost or just learning something for the first time? No. Coltrane always sounded like he invented the music he played, which is true. He did.

    Too bad his life was so short.

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