Kids for Coltrane, part 2

Joanna Massey from Jazz at Lincoln Center with Jehudith Cohen board member of The Friends of the Coltrane Home watching the children celebrate at their Cotton Candy Club reception. Joanna brought autographed books and CD’s from Wynton Marsalis for the raffles and teaching material for Ms. Passarella to work with.

Director Steve Fulgoni giving flutes to excited children with school para Ms. Lee observing happily.

The second graders creating their music during the Cotton Candy Club reception.

Parents of children volunteering their time to make this project memorable and meaningful! Pictures of musicians Robert Johnson, Miles Davis, Etta James, and BB King with the legend John Coltrane overlooking the group.

Ms. Christine Passarella with her own children Victoria and Anthony standing proudly with her students.

The girls thrilled to receive autographed CD’s from Mr. Vignapiano.

The boys showing off their very own CD’s. They will be able to remember the music they wrote their lyrics to forever and ever!

Encouraging fans of the children artist Jeff  Hopkins and Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Joanna Massey. Both support Ms. Passarella’s way of teaching using Howard Gardners Multiple Intelligence Theory.

Ms. Christine Passarella proud of her students. She encourages them to Follow their Bliss each day.

Teaching children to see the beauty in each day and making them realize that giving of themselves in a philanthropic way makes her think “it’s a wonderful world!” During the next few weeks the children will be raffling off an Eastwood Joey Leone Signature Guitar, an autographed book by former President Bill Clinton, autographed books and CD’s by Wynton Marsalis and autographed CD’s by Ravi Coltrane. The hope is to raise enough money to transform the landmark historic home of John Coltrane into a true place of learning…the effort is a LOVE SUPREME….We encourage everyone to help the Friends of the Coltrane Home!!

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