Coltrane Computer

The Coltrane Computer in Dix Hills

The Coltrane Computer in Dix Hills

The Half Hollow Hills Library in Dix Hills now has a computer database specifically dedicated to John’s music and pictures.  Much of the information has been donated by collector supreme Yasuhiro “Fuji” Fujioka and include some exclusive photos not found elsewhere.  The computer is located by the magazines, just past the DVDs, in a warm spot by a window.  Sit down, put on the headphones, and get ready to be moved by the music.


  1. Rainer Schumacher, Cologne,Germany says:

    Hi , today,s early mornin fullmoon night , 28.5.2010 i was listening to John Coltrane,s ” Tenor Madness” on Headphones . Caurse Fullmoon keeps me wake up . But then i found good sleep and real “trippi” dreams in a good Mood . This afternoon i found this interresting Webside. A very tasty Place . I was born 1960 , so i had a look at the 60 th Photos . The Jaguar E Car was the right car , i must say . Good to see . His Music made me start to learn Tenorsax. After E-Bass and E-Guitar , Synthezisers, Computerprogramming , my Soul was asking for something special , more “organic” . Thank you John and others for your Inspirations . May Buddha bless you ! Rainer !!!

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