Coltrane Home Awarded Grants from NY State and National Trust

The Coltrane Home in Dix Hills was awarded a $38,810.00 grant from the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and a $5,000 grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Both are matching grants which means they are awarded after the non-profit organization raises an equal dollar amount another source. The award is not granted until the matching funds are raised.

The grants will be used to help underwrite the cost of preparing a Historic Structures Report. Such a report is a critical first step in any major restoration project because it provides a thoughtfully considered document for selecting the most appropriate approach to treatment and will outline a scope of recommended work. The report will serve as an important guide for all changes made to the home during restoration and can also provide information for maintenance procedures. Finally, it records the findings of research and investigation, as well as the processes of physical work, for future researchers.

The Coltrane family moved out of the house in the early 1970s. Fortunately, many of the architectural details from their time in the house survive. Unfortunately, the house has been vacant for almost ten years and has suffered as a result.

Before undertaking any restoration work at the home, Friends of the Coltrane Home will hire a historic preservation firm to prepare a historic structure report to guide restoration and interpretation of the site. The report will provide documentary, graphic, and physical information about the property’s history and existing condition in order to guide future preservation projects.

Our goal is to raise $75,000 for preparation of the report. To date we have received a $38,810 grant from the New York State Historic Preservation Office and $5,000 from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. We have also applied for funding from the Preservation League of New York State. We anticipate a decision on that application by the end of the summer.

But we cannot fund the report with grants alone. We need your help. Please click on the “How to Help” tab to make an online donation.

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