Alice Coltrane’s Birthday

Today, August 27, 2014 is Alice Coltrane’s 77th birthday. We remember her as creative musician, collaborator, spiritual scholar, sister, mother, grandmother, wife and an artist of great and unusual grace.

Please enjoy these images taken at the Coltrane Home in Dix Hills (photo credit Darlene DeVita Photography) which will open to the public as historical home museum and cultural center with a meditation garden dedicated to Alice Coltrane.






Of the many things which distinguish the home, one of the more important is the fact that not only was “A Love Supreme” written by John Coltrane in the home, but Alice Coltrane recorded several of her most distinguished recordings in the basement studio. “A Monastic Trio”, “Ptah, the El Daoud”, “Journey in Satchinananda”, and “Universal Consciousness” were all either totally or in part recorded at the Dix Hills Studio.

It is with respect and great affection that we remember Alice Coltrane’s many accomplishments and her deeply creative legacy on this day.