Workshops: Coltrane Day 2015

 Preliminary schedule. Times and location subject to change.

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Improvising on an instrument is one of the most enjoyable elements of music. These introductory music improvisation classes are for musicians and non-musicians alike, and are designed to be fun, spark imagination and creative expression. No worries about wrong notes permitted. Bring your instruments if you have one, and plan on smiles and laughter.

No formal knowledge of jazz or general music is required. Each workshop limited to 20 participants. Length: 40 minutes.

MUSIC IMPROVISATION 1: Age 5-8. Time: 12-12:45  Location: Percussion/Improv Tent
(Shenole Latimer & Napoleon Revels-Bey)    CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

MUSIC IMPROVISATION 2: Ages 9-14. Time: 11-11:45 Location: Percussion/Improv Tent
(Shenole Latimer & Jerry Liggon)                     CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

MUSIC IMPROVISATION 3: Ages: 15-Adult  Time: 2:45-3:30 PM Location: Chapin Stage
(Shenole Latimer & Terry Greene II)                 CLICK HERE TO REGISTER



Limit to 25 each class


Rhythm is the most basic element of music.  This workshop is a fun and creative approach to music using our voice, hands and body percussion to make rhythm and sound and create “conversation”. Led by master percussionist Napoleon Revels-Bay — who has been working with young people for many years — this workshop is sure to bring smiles and fun for all.

Ages: 8-12 (suggested); Times 1:15-2PM                           CLICK HERE TO REGISTER    


Rhythm is natural to us all, just as your heartbeat. In this fun intro workshop, Jerry Liggon will begin teach you to begin to free your mind and to let rhythm and the drum relieve the daily pressures of life through rhythms from African and Latin cultures. Participants will also experience drumming as conversation.

Ages: 13-Adult   Time: 2-2:45                                               CLICK HERE TO REGISTER   



Nothing moves people like Funk or is more fun to play. Funk has its roots in Rhythm and Blues, Blues and Jazz and evolved with a rhythm and groove all its own. Geographically speaking Funk music came from all over the US and the world — from NY to Philly, Chicago to the Bay area and New Orleans to Texas. Led by Funk veterans and members of one of the great funk bands of Long Island and the New York tri-state area– Funk Filharmonik – participants will learn and play the basic elements of what makes funk “funky” and open a whole new world of fun to their musical universe.  Bring instruments and cords.  Amps on hand. Audience welcome.

Ages: 16 thru adult. Tentative time: 2:15-3:00.                CLICK HERE TO REGISTER



Hip-hop music, which began in the Bronx and spread across Long Island continues to explode in popularity. This workshop, led by Bronx-born and now Long Island native Clifton Torres will help build creative writing and other techniques to collectively create a song. “With participation and collaboration we can brainstorm, write, and formulate ideas and lyrics that can then be used to practice performing to a beat or instrumental.”

Ages: 15+; TIME: 1:00-1:45PM                                                 CLICK HERE TO REGISTER



Electronic music is the current rage, and the music of a generation. The Electronic Music workshop, led by Huntington’s own composer/producer and saxman Mikah Feldman-Stein, will cover some different ways of creating and performing electronic music. After a basic introduction to a few of the great common rhythms and styles of electronic music, we’ll discuss how to make and perform them. Then we’re on to a group project with the goal of creating a short piece of electronic music that can be performed collectively. This collaborative activity will involve a combination of computer and live instrumentation, relying heavily on improvisation. Come learn about and explore the amazing world of electronic music with us!

Ages 15+: TIME: 11:30AM -12:30PM                        CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


Take part in a creative songwriting workshop led by a group of master songwriters – including Patricia Shih, Toby Tobias, Eric Eaton, Martin Stone and talented up-and-comer Kirsten Maxwell. Details forthcoming!

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