Workshops & Jams: Coltrane Day 2016


All workshops are free – times subject to change.


Facilitators: Shenole Latimer, Premik Russell Tubbs, TBA

Improvising on an instrument is one of the most enjoyable elements of music. These introductory music improvisation classes are for musicians and non-musicians alike, and are designed to be fun, spark imagination and creative expression. No worries about wrong notes permitted. Bring your instruments if you have one, and plan on smiles and laughter. For beginners to more experienced players. A must for both aspiring classical musicians and those who just want to learn to improvise.

Limited to 20 each class

Length: 40 minutes.

MUSIC IMPROVISATION 1 (1:15pm): Age 5-8. Click Here To Register

MUSIC IMPROVISATION 2 (2:15pm): Ages 9-14. Click Here To Register

MUSIC IMPROVISATION 3 (4:15pm): Ages 15-Adult. Click Here To Register


Facilitators: James Oshinsky, Tracy Hamilton, TBA

Rhythm is the most basic element of music. This workshop is a fun and creative approach to music using our voice, hands and body percussion to make rhythm and sound and create “conversation”. Led by percussionists who have been working with young people for many years — this workshop is sure to bring smiles and fun for all.

Limit to 25 each class

PERCUSSION 1 (12:15pm): Ages: 8-12 (suggested) Click Here To Register

PERCUSSION 2 (3:15pm): Ages: 13-Adult   Click Here To Register


A music improvisation class just for girls. Led by famed musicians and educators, Nioka Workman and Mala Waldron, this program is designed to encourage self-expression, empowerment, collaboration and fun for young aspiring female musicians. While this workshop is for different ages and skill levels, we ask that participants have at least some familiarity with their instruments. Singers welcome. Ages: 10-17  Click Here To Register

FUNK (2:15pm)

Nothing moves people like Funk or is more fun to play. Funk has its roots in Rhythm and Blues, Blues and Jazz and evolved with a rhythm and groove all its own. Geographically speaking Funk music came from all over the US and the world — from NY to Philly, Chicago to the Bay area and New Orleans to Texas. Led by Funk veterans and members of one of the great funk bands of Long Island and the New York tri-state area– Funk Filharmonik – participants will learn and play the basic elements of what makes funk “funky” and open a whole new world of fun to their musical universe. Bring instruments and cords. Amps on hand. Includes performance. Audience and dancers welcome!

Ages: 15+ thru adult.  Click Here To Register

RAP/HIP-HOP & BEATS (4:15pm)

Hip-hop music, which began in the Bronx and spread across Long Island continues to explode in popularity. This workshop, led by Bronx-born and now Long Island native Clifton Torres will help build creative writing and other techniques to collectively create a song. “With participation and collaboration we can brainstorm, write, and formulate ideas and lyrics that can then be used to practice performing to a beat or instrumental.” 10-15 minutes of performance included.

Ages: 9-Adult. Click Here To Register


Electronic music is the current rage, and the music of a generation. The Electronic Music workshop, led by Huntington’s own composer/producer and saxman Mikah Feldman-Stein, will cover some different ways of creating and performing electronic music. After a basic introduction to a few of the great common rhythms and styles of electronic music, we’ll discuss how to make and perform them. Then we’re on to a group project with the goal of creating a short piece of electronic music that can be performed collectively. This collaborative activity will involve a combination of computer and live instrumentation, relying heavily on improvisation. Come learn about and explore the amazing world of electronic music with us. Includes 15 minutes of performance!

Ages 15+: Click Here To Register

BLUES WORKSHOP new for 2016 (12:15pm)

Led by bluesman great and guitar instructor Willie Steel, this workshop will teach and build on basic blues forms while Willie also weaves in important background about blues and blues-rock. Basic understanding of your instrument needed. Ages: 10-Adult. Click Here To Register

Take part in a creative songwriting workshop led by a group of master songwriters – including Toby Tobias, Kirsten Maxwell, and others. This was one of our most popular workshops in 2015! Limited to 25 participants. 2 session class followed by performance. Performance at will follow later in the day. Click Here To Register.


Master vocalist Michelle Coltrane will work with attendees to him improve vocal skills and comfort in self-expression. Ages: 10-Adult. Click Here To Register.


Facilitators: Premik Russell Tubbs (sax), John Ambrosini (piano), Steve Salerno (guitar), others TBA

A two session class for advanced young musicians with master musicians. Limited to 10-15 students per class. Performance at will follow later in the day.

Note: amps, keyboards, and small percussion will be available at most workshops. Please feel free to bring portable instruments. Click Here To Register.

Community Jams

15 Coltrane Festival Com Jam HHSColtrane Day 2015 (173)Coltrane Day 2015 (204)

Nothing binds a community together and is more rewarding than a jam. Whether novice or expert, if you can play an instrument, come join in the fun. Get to play with professional musicians and experience the pure joy of playing together in a supportive environment. Amps and mics provided. Bring your instrument and a cord if electric. The jams will be facilitated to help make sure all comers get a chance to participate. Audience and dancing welcome!

No registration necessary for jams.

Preliminary schedule – Times subject to change

DRUM/PERCUSSION JAM (11:30am) Museum Stage

Once again, we kickoff the Coltrane Festival with a Drum Jam! Percussionist Tracy Hamilton leads this drum circle jam with which is open to all levels of drummers. Incorporating basic African and Latin rhythms, Tracy will guide the event assisted by other percussionists who will be on hand. All are welcome. Some drums and percussion will be available but people are also encouraged to bring their own percussion instrument.

BLUES JAM (1:15pm) Jam Stage

Led by Huntington bluesman extraordinaire Willie Steel and his band.  Nobody rocks Huntington like Willie and the blues is where it all comes from. Willie and his band will provide a foundation for musicians young and old who want to step in and be a part of the blues-making experience. All are welcome.

JAZZ & FUNK (4:45pm) Jam Stage

Last years’ community jam was incredible, and people of all ages and abilities had a chance to let loose and the crowd was jumping. This year’s jam is led by Funk Filharmonik members, Premik Russell Tubbs, Steve Salerno and a host of special guests, this jam should close the day in grand style. Working off some basic jazz, blues and funk tunes, musicians at all levels are invited to join the band on stage and experience the fun of playing with world class players whose goal it is to make it a positive experience and help you sound good.

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