The Story

In 1964 John and Alice Coltrane made the familiar decision to move their family from New York City to the suburbs, complete with a ranch-style home, 3.4-acre plot, and picturesque green landscape. Their new town in the Dix Hills area of Long Island provided a perfect setting for the artists and spiritual thinkers to make amazing music and expand their minds, all while raising young children in pursuit of the American dream.


The Home, with its original woodwork, paneling, carpeting, acoustic tiling, and kitchen and bathroom fixtures, retains an iconic mid 60s Americana look. Upstairs is the room where John Coltrane disappeared in the summer of 1964, emerging days later with the compositions for his legendary album “A Love Supreme”. Downstairs is the recording studio where Alice Coltrane made groundbreaking albums for the prestigious Impulse! label in the late 60s and early 70s. This birthplace of landmark works from two prominent African American artists offers visitors a tangible look at where cultural transition and development in musical traditions took place.


Thirty years after the Coltranes left, Dix Hills resident and jazz music fan Steve Fulgoni lead what became a worldwide grassroots effort to save The Home from demolition. With an outpouring of support and volunteer initiatives, the site is now registered as a local, state, and national Historic Place. Additionally, it has been designated a National Treasure by the National Historic Trust For Preservation, and has been listed as one of the 11 Most Endangered Historic Places.

As part of the protection of the site, The Town of Huntington, NY purchased The Home and IRS 501 (c3) tax exempt organization “Friends of The Coltrane Home” vested the title. Led by the Coltrane family, the “Friends” organization was created to restore The Home for public use. The surrounding grounds are maintained by the Town of Huntington as part of an ongoing partnership.

The “Friends of the Coltrane Home” Board continues its work restoring and interpreting the site to preserve, present, and further the Coltrane legacy.

I want to be a force for good

John Coltrane

The Music is in your heart, your soul, your spirit

Alice Coltrane