Music For Life!

‘Inspire people of all ages and backgrounds
to participate in the joy of making of music and the creative process’ – Alice Coltrane


Reach outward to the community to…

  • Encourage the active participation in music making, creativity and personal expression to empower young and old
  • Expand the music appreciation of the Coltranes, Jazz and diverse musical cultures, and the awareness of the Coltranes’ legacies of promoting goodwill, tolerance, and mastery
  • Educate and help educators to develop necessary skills to foster the above
  • A key goal is providing educational outreach to communities in need!


The Coltrane Home Legacy Education Project offers several education opportunities:

Single-class and multi-class workshops for Grades 4-12. “Music and the Creative Process”. These highly interactive workshops are led by skilled facilitators, designed to engage students in a creative and collaborative music process, including development of listening, call-and-response, rhythm, and critically improvisation and collaboration. Various modules are available and tailored to different ages, grades and skill levels. Designed for in-class, after-school, libraries and other venues. This program is also available for adults and all-age groups: ideal for libraries, events and other locations.

“Girls-Only!” A new offering, these school age workshops are designed to empower girls and young women. Historically, girls have been reluctant to pursue drums, bass, and other bandstand instruments in contemporary music. In jazz, rock, and other contemporary music, females are a minority in terms of participation on instruments and in an improvisational environment. They are denied a wonderful opportunity for creative expression, creativity and collaboration. This workshop seeks to change that. This program is tied to the new Alice Coltrane Project, which uses Alice Coltrane, master and pioneering musician, as an important model.

Summer Camps. “Giant Steps – Inspired by Music”. A complete 5 day summer camp program utilizing the core concepts of “Music and the Creative Process” – improvisation, rhythms, expression, and collaboration, and includes using contemporary music, songwriting and fun. This is a great turnkey program for school and municipal camps, arts organizations, and music schools and music stores.

Music appreciation classes. Interactive music appreciation classes for junior and senior high school, libraries. Covers the basis of jazz and blues and includes performance. Includes focus on John and Alice Coltrane.

“The Coltranes – Legacies & Connections”. Presentations which discuss John & Alice Coltrane, their impact on music past and present, and their legacies. Ideal for Black History Month presentations, and targeted to grades 9-12, and library presentations. Can discuss the Coltranes’ significant impact on many recent and contemporary music celebrities, including Carlos Santana, Grateful Dead, Kendrick Lamar, Common, Kamasi Washington, the Doors, and others. May include performance.

The Home also makes available panel discussions and performances by talented musicians, along with master classes.

Please contact us for more information. Let us tailor a program for your needs. Email us at: or call (631) 223-1361.
Download our Coltrane Legacy Education Project brochure — “Music For Life” — here.

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