Of The


A Love Supreme

Alice and John wrote and recorded music in The Home that recalibrated understandings of what music as an art form could do. John’s A Love Supreme, composed in the attic, will forever be a monument in jazz and an important piece of the American music timeline. Alice conceived, produced, and recorded numerous albums in the home that made history. This music made history not only for its prowess and artistic integrity, but for its meaning as work by an African American woman. 

Despite the barriers placed before people of her gender and race demographics, Alice Coltrane valiantly made these albums with her own, uncompromising sound and ideas, her own personnel, and her very own studio within her own home. The novelty of a home studio seems commonplace now, but at the time it was rare and exceedingly rare to have been crafted, operated, and maintained by a woman, not to mention a single mother with a house full of young children. These accomplishments often go overlooked to this day, but in the music, that spirit of courage and steadfast artistic expression can be heard.

I want to be a force for good

John Coltrane

The Music is in your heart, your soul, your spirit

Alice Coltrane