About Us



In October 2006, the Coltrane Family, the Friends of the Coltrane Home Working Committee, and several additional invitees important to the Coltrane legacy participated in a Visioning workshop. This event, coupled with additional follow-up discussions with Ravi Coltrane and others has provided the basis for the Vision and  Mission that follow.  Subsequent vision and planning meetings have expanded the educational component – called the Coltrane Legacy Education Project.


The Friends of the Coltrane Home will work to fulfill John and Alice Coltranes’ vision of goodwill and connection through the sharing of the common language of music, and

  • Create an inspirational museum and archives celebrating the Coltranes’ music and influences, and the music legacy they were and remain a part of;
  • Provide an outreach center for music education and an inspiration for the appreciation and making of music for people of all ages and backgrounds


The Coltrane Home is a museum and learning and research center that provides an interactive archive of the Coltranes and jazz and other music within a restoration of the Coltrane Home in Dix Hills, Long Island, NY.

The Coltrane Home provides programs, training and outreach within the community and region to further the appreciation of the Coltrane’s legacy and social importance of his music.

The Coltrane Home inspires people of all ages to share in the making and appreciation of music by providing workshops, concerts and other presentations to the community through school districts and other community events and programming.

The Friends of the Coltrane Home in Dix Hills is dedicated to restoring the Long Island home of John and Alice Coltrane in order to preserve and perpetuate their legacies